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Mosaic Art and Photography by Denny Nkemontoh

The definition of the word refract is "To alter the appearance of something by viewing or showing it through a different medium." I chose Refractions for the name of my business because in my art I strive to use different and unusual mediums and techniques in order to create a new perspective on common objects.

A teacher, I began mosaicing as a way to relax and nurture my creative side. I currently mosaic around mirrors, interpret stories and concepts through mosaic portraiture, mosaic furniture, and create abstract art through the use of multi-media – incorporating shells, fossils, gems, glass, and more.

In my photography, I often concentrate upon the rarely seen aspects of an individual object which make it exceptional - the stamen of a flower, or a finely colored insect carapace. I am often surprised when I look at the print to discover the things I captured that I didn't even see when I took the picture.

Please look through my gallery, and see if your reality is refracted, if only a little bit! You are welcome to contact me with any comments.

Sincerely, Denny Nkemontoh
Member of SAMA and MAO